Carl Powell

Carl Powell is a Grovewood Gallery studio artist. If you would like to make an appointment to visit his studio, please contact the gallery.

Carl Powell is a National Endowment for the Arts recipient whose work has been showcased in the Americans in Glass Exhibition and featured in the Corning Museum of Glass, New Glass Review.

Carl’s hand-ground and polished thick, clear optics have transformed the art of glass into a visually kinetic experience. These unique, multi-faceted shapes form prismatic optical illusions of movement, surprising the viewer with an invitation for a closer inspection.

Working with glass as an art form for 41 years, Carl’s work has been collected by major museums, and he has been commissioned to fabricate and install several large-scale public and private art pieces throughout the world.

Carl Powell has developed a unique process in which he engraves and drills into the surface of plate glass. The pieces are then laminated with a special archival adhesive. After it has cured, the now-solid shape is hand ground and polished on a series of diamond and finishing wheels. The resulting smooth, clear surfaces allow the viewer to see the engraved imagery floating within the sculpture. As one moves around the piece, the internal optics form geometric patterns that change constantly. This tedious, time-consuming process can take from 100 to more than 400 hours per sculpture.

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Glass, concrete & steel
49" H x 20" W x 3" D
$2,100  (CP DIANA)
Additional shipping costs apply. Please call gallery to purchase.



Concrete, glass & steel
80" H x 24" W x 5" D
$14,500  (CP ENCRYPTOR)
Additional shipping costs apply. Please call gallery to purchase.