John Jordan

John Jordan resides in Cane Ridge, TN.

John Jordan is a woodturner known primarily for his textured and carved hollow vessels.

John has instructed and demonstrated at universities, craft schools, turning groups and trade shows throughout the United States and internationally. His work can be found in many prestigious permanent collections, including the White House Collection of American Crafts in Washington, D.C., the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.

In 2012, John Jordan was made an Honorary Lifetime Member of the American Association of Woodturners in recognition of his contributions to the growth of the woodturning field.


John makes simple but finely detailed vessels. Initially turned on the lathe, each piece is then carved and textured using a variety of different hand and small powered tools. This texturing process is very labor intensive, and can take as much as several days to weeks to complete. There is little room for error during this carving - one small slip can ruin the piece.

“Achieving that intangible quality, that the piece is right, results from putting emotion and feeling into the work. A simple object can be powerful and emotional, just for what it is. My decorative vessels reflect my interest in surface textures, contrasts, and form and the personal responses that I have to them.”

John says that he is “inspired by many natural things – trees, rock formations, coral reefs – since all of these things exhibit pattern, texture, etc.” He also draws inspiration from “ethnic objects such as pots, weavings and baskets.”

The woods John uses for his vessels are mostly from dumps, construction sites, or downed trees from storms and old age. He says he finds “great satisfaction in creating elegant objects from material that was destined to be buried or burned.” Occasionally, he even picks up woods in his travels (also dump woods). Walnut, maple, cherry, ash and oak are some of the woods he uses the most.

ARTICLE ON JOHN JORDAN - American Art Collector (June 2015)

ARTICLE ON JOHN JORDAN - American Woodturner (June 2012)

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Cherry Vessel

6" H x 7" D
$2,400  (JJW-12)

Silver Maple Burl Vessel

6" H x 7" D
$2,000  (JJW-30)

White Oak Vessel

Bleached White Oak
6.5" H x 8" D
$2,600  (JJW-29)

Walnut Vessel

6.5" H x 8" D
$3,200  (JJW WAL/V)