Kipley A. Meyer

Kipley A. Meyer resides in Madison, GA.

Kipley A. Meyer has been working with wood since 1988. He maintains a studio in the countryside outside of Atlanta, where he lives with his family. Inspired by many forms of music, art, and architecture, he often combines smooth, clean lines with heavily textured surfaces to create work he calls "organic-contemporary." With each piece Meyer tries to delight the senses. Just as an object's overall shape and color appeals to one's eyes, a smooth or carved surface beckons to be touched.

"My work is made from solid domestic hardwoods and carved using chisels, planes, routers and chainsaws. After conceptualization, the building process begins by choosing seasoned or kiln dried wood. I look for flat, stable boards but will also incorporate any knots, checks, or crevices that I feel will enhance the message of the overall sculpture. The planks are edge glued like a table top. On larger pieces, the backs are reinforced with cleats with oversized screw holes. This will help allow for subtle wood movement that may occur through the years due to temperature and humidity changes. I will often utilize rusted nails, brads and washers before finally finishing the piece with natural milk paint and wax."

"The focus of my work is to create interplay and harmony between the disparate elements in art and nature that inspire me, including abstract forms, primitive art, and the philosophy of minimalism."

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Into The Woods

Wood wall sculpture - poplar, milk paint, & nails
48" H x 18" W

The Very Thought of You

Wood wall sculpture - poplar, milk paint, nails
18" H x 18" W
$500  (KAM-3)


Wood wall sculpture - poplar & milk paint
18" H x 18" W
$500  (KAM-5)